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WHAT ok here it is, my commission post. I like/want/need money, and I can draw. Hopefully some of you can see where I am going with this.

$2 gets you a doodle. A rough cut. Maybe a little more if I like where it’s going. See the first two drawings after the “Commission” photo. +$1 for every additional figure.

$3 gets you a line art chibi. +$1 for every new figure. See my little video-game playing self up there.

$5 get a colored one. +$2 for every new figure. Good for minecraft skins :D

$15 gets you good line art. +$7 for every addtl. figure. See the injured elf and the un-colored goth girl there.

$25 gets shaded lineart. +$10 for addtl. figs. See kitty-man, though shading will probably be better than that.

$40 gets you full color. See top drawing and colored goth girl. +15 for every additional figure.

Turnaround will be about 1-2 weeks max.

No backgrounds unless maybe it’s something very simple. A few props and whatnot are ok. As you can see, I am mostly good at drawing people (and humanoids), but shoot me an ask if you want something else and I’ll tell you if I think I can do a good enough job at it. With people/couples, the closer to the face the art centers around, the more detail I can put into it. Keep that in mind. Will not draw straight up porn, but nudity is ok. Will draw from fandoms or OCs. Try to have an idea of what you want though, I’m not going to redraw everything a million times. Tell me if you are planning on printing this. The image I send you will be pretty big, but I can make it ideal for printing too.

My style can very a bit, if you need it to look more like one of my styles than another, just point out an image you like, either from this post or from somewhere in my tumblr.

Special note: I have been burned waayyy too many times online to accept payment after the work is done. If it really bothers you I can do a 50% before 50% after but I am sick of having my art stolen by people who “just want to see” my work before they pay me. I have sold a lot of art online professionally and you can see some reviews here.

Send me a message either here or at EvilSeedlet@gmail.com to get the ball rolling. I accept paypal.